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This is the Book 3 quest as documented by Apache on Legends Server, assisted by Don, Ghost of Choise, Girnald, Humongos, Jane Fox, Lee Storm, Mr Brightside, Saveena, and Texa$. (Names in Alphabetical Order) March, 2005

Book THREE (Reward 50,000 exp pool) begins with:

The quest starts in a lighted, underground, passageway that leads to Holendar's, the Guildmaster, north of Varg. But to get to this beginning, from the city of Varg, go east to the coast and follow it a distance north. Southwest of the cemetery is a squarish valley. In the northwest corner of this valley is a trap door. (Sextant reading - 875,1063) Enter this trap door.

The underground passageway is not a great threat. Once down in it, go west and you will come to a large square room, take the north hallway, and follow it all the way up until it turns west, then north, west, south, and west, which goes to a smaller room with a ladder in it. Take the ladder up. At this point get out of attack mode so you don't accidently attack anyone in this area. In the large room you will find Malmondrik and some guards. Speak to Malmondrik by clicking on him.

The conversation with Malmondrik:

Malmondrik: You continue to impress me, adventurer. You have read the second book. I commend you.


Malmondrik: It is time for you to seek the third book. This book, “The Parian Archer’s Compendium”, belongs to one of the most ancient guilds, the Parian Archers.


Malmondrik: You must travel far across the sea to the great city of Parian. You must find the Parian Archer’s Compendium within the walls of this vast city. The townsfolk may be of assistance to you.


You are finished here. Now journey across the sea to the city of Parian.

While in the city of Parian no one in particular will talk to you about the quest but the key is in the last conversation, “within the walls of this vast city”. In your searching, you will discover two entrances to hallways and rooms beneath the city walls. One entrance is in a small room off the east side of goverment building and the second is in a building behind the tavern. The second one behind the tavern is the easiest one to find this book clue. After going down the ladder, go out of the small room and take the first corridor south, and then look for the first door on the east wall.

(Searching the underground halls, you will find a lone book, illuminated in the center of a room.) (Sextant reading: 3501,3043)

Book: “The Secret of the Giants”

Behold, deep in the land of the giants, rests a power that has long been vanquished from the world of men.

You are finished here. Journey in search of the Land of Giants. (Hint: it's NW of Parian, with a passage contining North) Here you will find a temple, guarded, with a bookstand at the center of it.

Bookstand: The Parian Archers have always upheld justice and peace within this land. The Compendium was written as a guide to all those who would lead the archers into battle and glory.


Bookstand: Those who wish to lead must pass the test. This challenge will test one’s leadership skills.


Bookstand: In order to begin the quest one must perform the Ritual. This ritual will summon the gods to open the gates and allow the leader and his eight closest followers to prove themselves at the Keep of Discipline.


  • -Read about the Ritual. -
  • -Perform the Ritual. -
  • -Close the book. -

Player: Read about the Ritual.

Bookstand: One must find the eight most dedicated followers. These brave souls must be willing to give up their own lives for their leaders.


Bookstand: They must each stand upon the markers in the temple.


Bookstand: As they are in place, the ritual can begin and the mantras can be invoked.


Bookstand: Once the ritual has begun, the gods shall open the gateway to the Keep of Discipline.


Bookstand: If anyone of the followers perishes, then all shall perish.


Bookstand closes.

NOW you know you must find eight followers to return and perform the ritual with you. Have all players set their spawn point at Parian. Each of the eight followers must stand on the light colored square tiles in the floor, while you, the ninth person, stands at the bookstand and performs the ritual. Strategy in deploying the helpers may be important if you’re having trouble. Put those players with the most HP near the north exit of the temple, as you may have found that running any way but north will find you nothing. The 'Keep of Discipline' you seek is to the north. Also have players wear fire-resistant armor if possible. Don’t worry about losing items. If you die, you keep everything in your backpack. And as the Bookstand said, if one person dies, you all die, and will re-spawn back ...where ever you set your spawn point last. Hopefully that was Parian.

When you’re ready, double click the book in the middle, go though it as above but this time select “Perform the ritual,”, with everybody ready to run north. (Use the strongest players as lures to keep the weaker ones safe.) Dodge the Horned Devils and run through the small valley. Once at the 'Keep of Discipline', have two people (designated prior) to flip the switches, with one person running to the right and the other running to the left of the Keep. At the back of the Keep are switches for each of them to flip which open the front doors. (Again, if you didn't know to, exploration around this area as to why the doors are locked would have you eventually finding the two switches... I hope.) Once the doors are unlocked and open, all enter and the helpers each get into one of the four rooms on either the right or left. There are eight side rooms in all. Meanwhile, you (the reader doing the quest)goes through to the north room.

(Easiest way to keep all from becoming confusion is before doing the ritual topside, form the 'party' so that the reader is the 9th person in it. Each of the others now has a number from 1 to 8. Determine how the rooms will match in number line with the braisers in the reader's room and the 'party list' so each player and questor, prior to questor starting the ritual, already knows which room they're to go into. As long as this proceedure is followed, the players can run to the matching numbered room, even if player numbers get changed around as they then know which room they go to just by looking at the 'party listing' for the number next to their name.) As each player enters their room, they call out in 'party chat' their number as 'in'. Example: 2 in, 4 in, 8 in, 3 in, etc.

READER -- DO NOT read (click on) the book until everyone is in their respective rooms as the doors will lock and they will be shut out and you will fail and have to start over. –

NOW -- back to topside as all players are in position for the Ritual to Being! And the questor beings to read the bookstand. Only this time he clicks the response, "Perform the ritual"

BOOM! Everyone teleports, then begin to run north, tanks in front to draw the demons away from weaker players, all working to get through a narrow rock passageway, with the tanks fighting off the last of the following horde while two players, designated prior (and who for their convience are usually the numbers corresponding to the bottom two rooms on each side), run to flip the switches to open the gates, then all enter the 'Keep of Discipline', run to their respective rooms, and....

Read the book here and speak the words.

Bookstand prior to ritual of lighting the magic forges, (note: some of the words are missing from the dialogue due to unforeseen circumstances and will have to be inserted at a later time.)

Bookstand: ……(Missing)………….. of the Parian Gods will challenge the leadership skill and…(Missing)…… of the one seeking to read the Parian Archers Compendium.


Bookstand: The gods demand that all eight of the magic braziers be lit. Only then will the door open allowing the challenger and his followers to read the pages within.


Bookstand: When one is ready to summon the gods and accept this challenge, they must speak the ancient mantra – GURL’ ALLKAH.

-Speak the words –GURL’ ALLKAH-


Next reader must advance around the book and double click on the magic pedestal just north of it. This will light the magic forges (forges just like the forges in blacksmith shops) in the other eight rooms where your helpers are. Continue clicking on the pedestal to light the forges as they will go out. You’ll see braisers just like those at towns' gates or that some buildings have burning inside for lighting. There will be two rows of them, four in each row; one row to your right and the other to your left in this room. Now here is where the teamwork and leadership comes in. Easy if all was explained well by a good leader so each player understands what to do.

Your helpers will each have four braisers also in their rooms along with the magic forge. Each time the forge lights they can then light braisers. Two have to be burning at the same time. Have them light pairs of them in order (1 and 2,…. 1 and 3,…. 1 and 4,…. 2 and 3,…. 2 and 4,…. 3 and 4 as this is all the possible combinations). When the right combination (random each time) of braisers are burning in a helper's room this will light the corresponding braiser in the reader's room. When that braiser lights up in the reading room the reader then, in party chat, says that room number is done. Example: 4 d, 6 d, 1 d, 8 d, etc.

Those helpers are now done, and just remain standing while those not told as done keep on the with lighting combinations of braisers until their rooms braisers also light up in the reader's room. Once all the braisers are burning in the reading room, the door north of the magic pedestal opens to allow entry to the 3rd Book. Run into the room and read it. This again, is all timed, so everyone must act as quickly as possible. Once all the torches are burning, run into the final room and read the book.


The Parian Archer’s have seen many leaders in the vast moons of their existence. None of those chosen leaders have ever felt the blade of their enemies.

Below are the virtues of the Great Leaders of the Parian Archers.

One must amend with every virtue listed to be respected and honored in all aspects of life and death.

Virtue 1:

You must never fear death. If you truly believe in our lord, you will overcome your fears.

Virtue 2:

You should never underestimate the strength of your enemy.

Virtue 3:

The art of surprise should always be on your side.

Virtue 4:

Always cover your flanks when victory is apparent.

Virtue 5:

Never fully commit your army when battling unknown foes.

Virtue 6:

Never fully turn your back on your allies, for you might not appreciate what they are thinking.

EXP: 50,000
These are the virtues of a a true leader.
You awaken at a spawngate.