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Level 10
Monster Type Undead
Resistances 100% Poison
100% Disease
75% Arrow
50% Magic Missile
50% Cut
50% Pierce
50% Mind
50% Body
50% Nature
50% Soul
Vulnerabilities Throwing weapons (pretty much the only thing he doesn't resist)
Approx. HP 300
Damage Type 53-67
Solo no
Social no
Expansion AE

BoneSnarl is a boss monster on Valinor Island. In order to kill him you need to have all the Captain of the Guard quests completed. After that you can access the undead lands on Valinor and venture into the dungeon where he is.

Why to kill BoneSnarl?

Well, there are a few good reasons:

  • Kill BoneSnarl Quest
  • He drops the best items on Valinor.
  • For a new player, it's fairly good practice. You learn how to hunt in a party and especially how to deal with boss monsters.
  • It's fun!


Valinor, BoneSnarl's cave(see the map for cave location).

Hunting Strategies

To traditionally kill him(melee and healing) a group of 5 level 10 chars(one of them being mage) it should be quite easy. But there are alternative techniques:

  • Line
    • You need 4 players. One of them is a mage / warrior with thrown weapons. The thrown weapon specialist/mage shoots Bone. The other three block Bone's way like this:

Bonesnarl killing technique: line

    • At this point the warriors can start meleeing Bone. If he attack the warriors, the attacked warrior just runs around and the whole party reforms.

      NOTE:Because BoneSnarl resists all the runes, a thrown weapon specialist is the best option. Bone also regenerates damn quick.