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Bat shot.PNG
Level 1
Monster Type Vermin
Resistances 25% Arrow
25% Mind
Vulnerabilities None
Approx. HP 10
Damage Type Pierce
Solo Yes
Social Yes
Expansion AE

Bats are low-level, flying creatures found around the starting towns.


Optimal Equipment

Bats are resistant to both arrows and mind spells, so keep that in mind when you're fighting them at low levels. They do not typically have much in terms of hit points, so after you've gained a few levels, you can honestly fight them in whatever you want.

Hunting Strategies

Bats are one of the monsters in the game that travel faster than a player does (so long as the player's speed is not boosted), so keep that in mind when you fight them. Other than that, these are one of several very easy monsters that spawn in droves around the starting towns. Be sure and collect the Ear of Bat that this monster drops every time, and do not sell it to shops. Ear of Bat is used in Alchemy, and players will often pay for a large sum of the ears, because they are annoying to get when you are a higher level. You either have to kill tons of bats (for zero experience) or try to find a decent spawn of Chyromorphs