Archery Quest

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This quest is given to you by Klaresh in the Lotor's Castle weaponshop. When you speak to him, ask him about Parian and he will tell you it is home to the Parian archers who keep the city safe from the local giants. When you ask him to teach you about archery he will say that he requires a gift from Giltroy who is located in a secret room behind the Vrethpool's weapon shop. Walk south between the mage shop and the bank. Continue east along the outside south wall of the mage shop and turn north behind the weapons shop. You will immediately come to a small window, which you can walk through into Giltroy's room.

  • Giltroy is pretty annoyed that you are talking to him, so ask him why is he so rude? He will speak of his motherland. Ask him for more knowledge about his motherland. Soon he he will speak of how he hates greed. When you reveal that you also hate greed, he will be surprised and apoligize for his rudeness. He will now request that you tell him what you want, and you respond by asking him to craft you a bow. He agrees to this if you give him 12 planks. Drop the planks on him, and he will proceed to craft the bow and give you 500 bow experience.
  • He then asks for a blue topaz to place on the bow. You can buy one from the local provisioners or get one from a drop and give it to him.
  • He now finds that he cant finish the bow without the blue silk from a northern silkworm. Thankfully you dont have to hunt for silk worms. Just go to Varg and speak to lady Lyndsay. She just happens to have some blue string which she gives you. This gains you 500 experience pool.
  • Return the string to Giltroy and you will receive 500 experience pool. Giltroy then attempts to string the bow but is too weak in his old age. He suggests that you seek someone in the 'City of Joy' to string the bow for you. The City of Joy is none other than Jeel and the person you seek is Sir Robin who is in the farmshop.
  • Sir Robin asks how you are. Reply that you are seeking someone to string your bow. He does this you receive another 500 experience pool.
  • Return to Klaresh at Lotor's Castle. Drag the bow onto him and he will teach you the way of the bow and you will receive 3000 bow experience points and the quest ends.