Alliance Insignia

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This quest begins in Valmond. It allows one to open the door to Farstead Keep. It may be a good idea to party with a friend or have a mage handy.

1. Talk to Councilor Draneth in the Temple of Kuthos

  The temple is located south of the eastern bank of Valmond
  Draneth will instruct you to kill 100 Talazarian Reavers
  and 100 Talazarian Shadow Priests

2. Kill the monsters.

  The monsters are located South of Valmond

3. Talk to Draneth and he will give you the Alliance Insignia

  Make your way to Farsteed now
  Follow the road from the north exit of Valmond all the way north.

4. Talk to the guard at Farstead, in the room to the right and show him the Alliance Insignia

  You will get permanent permission to pass through the keep
  You will also be rewarded with 50,000 experience pool.