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Agon is the God of Darkness, one of the Gods of Ashen Empires. His commands created dark shadows and caverns, but interestingly enough it was from these shadows that the ice crystals grew and became the stars which the gods would then use as Runes to make their words of power permanent. You may purchase sacrifices at hsi temple for 5000 gold but be wary because doing so will surely blacken your heart.



  • Ancient Sword of Agon
  • Rune of Agon
  • Twisted Staff of Agon

Writ of Agon (Book in the Temple at Grell)
"Darkness existed before the making of the world, and it shall exist after the world is destroyed.

To exist is to serve, and the bane of Agon are the Light Wielders. Hunt them down, strike them where they live, and take their belongings. By doing so, you serve Darkness, you serve Chaos, and your reward shall be to serve Agon at his pleasure."

Book of Skulls (Book in the Temple of Agon, a crypt north of Krog
"Ages ago, before the Rune War, Agon's faithful prospered in his caverns. The Darkness brought forth prosperity, victory, supremacy over all.

The warriors of Light and Life came, over time, to be most powerful, aided by their false gods, by meaningless promises of eternal Life and Light. They came to drive us from our caverns, to conquer our Darkness with their foul brightness. They slew us in great numbers, forcing their path deep into their homeland, enslaving our women and children, destroying our way of life.

At the moment of great despair, one of Agon's great warriors, Adregard, did come to the High Priest of the Temple of Agon, Malenox, and offer himself as a messenger to the almighty Agon.

'Send me into the great Darkness that I might tell Agon of our strife.' he did demand, and Malenox, after great thought and much prayer to our lord Agon, did accept the offer of sacrifice.

A great ceremony was constructed for the occasion, giving homeage and obeisance to Agon the Mighty, Lord of Darkness. Adregard was brought to the very front of the temple with the High Priest, and given every honor due to a fallen champion.

At the time of sacrifice, Adregard did kneel facing the worshippers, and Malenox, with much song and prayer, did raise the ceremonial skullcrusher and send Adregard to our lord Agon to beseech his help in our time of need.

Adregard's blessed skull was held in high honor, and our lord Agon did soon come to us with his answer. 'I welcome those who would give themselves to the Darkness, and will aid you against the foul blasphemers. I am well pleased by your sacrifice. And so did our people learn the honor and value of appropriate offerings unto Agon.

Soon, we were also guarded by the fallen bodies of our offerings, brought back to aid us by our great lord. The walking bones around you are the remains of these most-honored ones, and we now add to their numbers by slaying any who would stand in our path.

All glory to the name of Almighty Agon, who brings us aid in our times of despair!"

Book of Agon (In the Temple of Shattered Skulls, crypt temple north of Krog)
Almighty Agon, destroyer of Light, avenger of wrongs, most powerful of all gods, overshadowing their creations with your veil of darkness, hide us in the folds of your creation, protect us with your dark embrace, cause our enemies to fall into the Void of forever night, bearing with them the light of the weaker gods!

Be with us in times of balance, strengthen our wills so that Darkness may previal once again on this world of mortal beings, that we may rise up in your honor and scream the name of Agon to the darkened skies!

We will prevail over the worshippers of the lesser gods, those who stole the ice of your creation and used it for their own ends. May they know the power of your anger and see nought but Darkness forevermore!