Afflicted Tree

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Difficulty (Solo): Level 5+
Time: 10 - 20 Mins.
Experience Gained:  3600 exp.
Epool Gained:  3600 epool
Items / Gold: Naturalist Greaves
400 Gold

Part I: Bark Samples

Alchemist Singaford can be found in Targon Hall in the city of Krog. When you speak to him, he informs you that there are a few trees on the path to Maraket which seem to have been struck by a mystery tree disease. He requests that you collect samples from all three of the trees and bring the samples to Chief Researcher Dander in Maraket.

Afflicted tree.jpg

While Singaford makes it sound as though the trees are quite near to the path, it turns out that isn't quite the case. Yes, they are in the general area of the path, but only two are actually near it. The Tree #1, Afflicted Cedar Tree is far from the path, to the left. The first tree you will probably find will mislead you. The Afflicted Cedar Tree you will find, close to Krog Sewer South entry / Prudge Room, does not count. You could hunt the forest for the afflicted trees... or you could just use these coordinates to find them:

Tree #1: Afflicted Cedar Tree 2973, 3851
Tree #2: Afflicted Peach Tree 3090, 3902
Tree #3: Afflicted Oak Tree 3058, 3954

The highest level creature that you will have to look out for is the Krog Rat (level 11), but there is no reason to kill anything on this quest.

Once you have acquired all of the tree samples, head to Maraket and visit Chief Researcher Dander who can be found within the Potions shop.

Part II: Tree Report

When you give the samples to Dander, he will examine them and then inform you that the trees are actually being eaten by small, parasitic insects (suddenly the name 'dander' makes much more sense...). He gives you a report which you must bring back to Alchemist Singaford.

Returning the report to Alchemist Singaford will reward you with the pride of aiding your imaginary environment... as well as 3,600 experience; 3,600 epool and a set of Naturalist Greaves (see below).

Naturalist Greaves
Naturalist greaves.jpg
Protection: 14
Requires: INT 5+
LVL 10+
Resists: 3% Poison
3% Disease
Gives stats: +7 Int
+5 Dex
Weighs: 2 Pounds
Is worth in shop: 0 Gold