Abbey Maid Quest

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Difficulty (Solo): Level 35+
Time: 30+ Mins.
Experience Gained: 81,250 exp.
Epool Gained: 81,250 epool
Items / Gold: Boots of the Traveller

The Abbey

Maid Nelly at the old Abbey thought she would be fine bathing in the nearby river. However, while she was washing, a half-man, half-beast creature stole all her clothes and her locket! We can only assume poor Maid Nelly had to run serpentinely back to the Abbey in the nude... how embarrassing! The maid asks that you kill the Minotaur which stole her locket and return it to her.

If you don't know where the Abbey is, follow the road west out of Dawat and continue up the north fork. Continue until the road branches again; south with take you to Chlera, while the north fork will take you towards the Abbey. Its coordinates are 2767, 3193. While you are doing this quest, it is suggested that you also seek out the Rugged Traveller's Quest because it also requires you to kill minotaurs.

While you are killing minotaurs, a message will pop up in the SAY channel informing you that you have found Maid Nelly's locket and should return to the Abbey. Once you have received this message, you can get your reward from her. She will give you 81,250 experience and epool, as well of a pair of Boots of the Traveller (details below).

Boots of the Traveller
Traveller boots.JPG
Protection: 15
Requires: N/A
Resists: 5% Pierce
4% Soul
Gives stats: +6 Int
+5 Dex
+20 HP
Weighs: 5 Pounds
Is worth in shop: 3,000 Gold