60 Caiman Hides

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Speak to Halfla who can be found near the blue momument in the north part of Rahura. Hunt 60 caiman hides for him and return to him for a reward.

Small caimans can be found along the river east of Rahura and at the two swamps on Khafra land. The better spawn is near Rahura. "Perfect Caiman Hides" don't count towards your quest for Halfla; keep them for the 100 Perfect Caiman Hides quest.

The hides for the quest will just drop in your back pack; they are not the ones you skin. Return to Halfla when you have 60 and drop them on him. You'll 250,000 experience pool points. Speak to him again to get a special pair of boots made specially by Halflah, which give +8 DEX, +12 CON and +5 to your dodge skill!