50 Titan Hides

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This quests starts in Rahura lands. Cross the bridge at caiman river then go North. At the top, in a small peninsula, there is a house surrounded by sand golems (coords 720,3689). Talk to Tomna inside. His first task is to get 50 Titan hides. You get them by skinning Titan Scorpions. You will need level 85 skinning to be able to do it. There are a lot of places where Titan Scorpions spawn, both in Khafra and Rahura area.

Note: sometimes Titan Scorpions are spelled Scorpians, like in /killcount command.

All 6 tasks and rewards:

  1. Titan Hide Gloves - 50 hides, 65k epool.
  2. Titan Hide Belt - 100 hides, 120k ? epool.
  3. Titan Hide Helm - 150 hides.
  4. Titan Hide Leggings - 200 hides.
  5. Titan Hide Boots - 250 hides.
  6. Titan Hide Chest Protector - 300 Hides.