50 Ghost Quest

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Difficulty (Solo): Level 18+
Time: 10 - 30 Mins.
Experience Gained: 25,000 exp.
Epool Gained: 25,000 epool
Items / Gold: Rusty Workers Shovel

The Old Guardhouse

If you follow the road west and then north of Dawat, you will run into a Dawat Worker who is standing next to a bridge on the route to Chlera. This worker has been charged with rebuilding the old guardhouse just to the north of him, but has been chased away from his job. Apparently, the guardhouse is inconviniently built over an old graveyard. He asks that you kill 50 Ghosts so that he can continue his work.

Head directly north of the worker and you will quickly find the ghosts in question hiding amongst some ruins. Only ghosts nearby the ruins will count towards the quest goal.

Once you have killed 50 of these undead pests, return to the Dawat Worker and he will reward you with 25,000 experience and epool, as well as an old Rusty Workers Shovel.