50 Ettins Quest

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Rumors of Men

To begin, take about 20,000 gold from your bank or other means and travel to Chlera. Chlera is West of Dawat along the road, then follow it Southwest to Chlera. Just east of Chlera is a small lake, and at the south end of the lake can be found Enderic.


He will demand 20,000 gp off you to tell you a secret. After giving him your savings, he then demands you to kill 50 Ettins for him if you wish to hear the crazed story of the man. There is a large ettin spawn south of Chlera, mixed with other mobs. Only Ettins will count, not weakened ettins. When you return, he tells you a rambling story about a dungeon, and then you receive 15,000 epool .

(Currently this quest has a slight bug. As you kill the Ettins the game send you a count message. if you die during the quest, the count continues but it fails to display the message, so you have to count manually. The quest will finish normally, as long as you've killed 50 ettins.)