35 Fire Dusts

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Fukayna, in the western part of Khafra, will ask you to collect for her 35 Fire Dusts.

If you get 10 more, your reward will be even greater. This seems to be outdated!

Fire Elementals can be found at the very southwestern corner of the desert from Khafra at the area called "River of Fire".

For the 35 dusts, she will give you 150,000 experience pool points and a pair of Fire Elemental Gloves which resists 15% nature and +6 strength, +15 dexterity and +100 health points. Nice!

Fukayna will ask of you to return again with another 35 fire dusts. Again, outdated

Fire Elementals are level 95 creatures and they do nature damage. Be prepared to meet also some rock elementals.