100 Perfect Caiman Hides

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Fatal in the Rahura's provisioner shop has a quest for you. The shop owner wants 100 perfect caiman hides and the she does not want to do his dirty work. She will reward you if you will slay Large Caiman and return with 100 perfect caiman hides. (You DO NOT need a skinning knife for this or a certain skinning level. The perfect hides will drop into your back pack.)

The Large Caiman can be found at a rare spawn at the south swamp on Khafra land but your best bet is east of Rahura beside the river. Perfect hides drop randomly, so this quest can take several hunting trips. Save any "regular caiman hides" you get as they are for another quest (see 60 Caiman Hides quest).

When finished, return to Fatal with the hides in your backpack (not in a bag). She will give you 750,000 experience pool points and a pair of Caiman Hide Boots that gives +7 strength, +5 constitution and 100 health points. A long quest, but worth it!