100 Ogres Quest

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Difficulty (Solo): Level 30+
Time: 30 Mins.
Experience Gained:  43875 exp.
Epool Gained:  43875 epool
Items / Gold: Plate of the Golem

Bucky Brown in Arda is tired of the Ogres that are infesting the area near a favorite lake of his. He asks that you kill 100 of them.

The lake in question is northeast of Arda, just south of a guardpost on the road. The ogres are located around all areas of the lake. Only ogres near the lake count towards this quest.

When you have completed the quest, return to Bucky Brown and he will reward you with 43,875 experience and epool, as well as a Plate of the Golem (details below).

Plate of the Golem
Plate golem.JPG
Protection: 45
Requires: CON 20+
STR 70+
LVL 60+
Resists: 5% Disease
Gives stats: -5 Int
+250 HP
Weighs: 22 Pounds
Is worth in shop: 8,444 Gold