1000 Sand Wurms

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Before you are allowed to even hunt dragons, you're required to hunt 1000 Sand wurms, and you will utterly hate this quest. To begin this quest, you must travel to another dragon you've yet to meet and to reach him, you'll have to pass through dragon territory. If you are NOT geared with as much spell resistance you can get, make sure to ask someone to escort you. Be sure to bring deer boots or at least a mage to speed you. CARRY BLOOD BANDAGES OR GREATER CURE DISEASE POTS.

Safest Place In The Desert

To begin this quest, travel past the Guardian dragon at the entrance to dragon lands north of Rahura. Venturing into dragon lands, you'll pass by some Sand Golems, travelling north past mountains, then curve around into a pass between mountains back south. As you travel, you'll begin to find Sand wurms and while they aren't very strong, they will disease you and will do so very often. Don't bother killing any now, they won't count toward your 1000. When you reach the bottom of the mountain pass, it'll curve to the West, but don't go that way just yet. First, travel all the way south until you hit a Spawn point protected by guards. This will be your new home, and safest spot until you reach the Watcher. Mark your spawn here.


Yes, run. I don't care what build you are or what level you are. You have to run for this part. Killing any dragons before you complete your 1000 Sand Wurms will instantly kick you back to your spawn. We will exploit that tho if we find ourselves in trouble.

From our new spawn point, begin running northwest. We don't want to return back up the mountain pass, but we want to follow the mountains around to the west. Stay between them and the river of fire, and keep travelling north. You'll pass an Injured Dragon if you follow closely to the mountains, but this is the correct path. As you pass the injured dragon, you'll want to lean more towards the river of fire and go north. Once you see dragons, you're close. Blue dragons can root you, and if this happens, attack the dragon in hopes that you will be returned to the spawn without dying. Otherwise, it will more than likely kill you.

If you're not dead, keep running north until you see a small building with a set of stairs leading down. Hit those stairs as fast as you can, tumbling down into the cave.

The Watcher

The watcher is now before, a large dragon who will not attack you but you can not kill. Talk to him, receive your quest. Now that you have completed that, return as quickly as your feet can carry you to your spawn near the sand wurms. Proceed to kill as many as you can, and my advice is stay close to the spawn. Once complete, return to the watcher for some experience and a new amulet called Sand Wurm Glands necklace, as well as permission to now kill dragons.